Friday, December 31, 2010

~ Goodbye 2010 ~

It is the time of the year to recap how we have spent our 2010. As I look back at my previous blog posts, I never fail to amaze myself with the list of happening events that have happened so far.
  • My grandmother's passing (Jan)
  • Gladys started nursery and Denver going to Primary 1 in their new schools (Jan) 
  • Birth of BPDGTravels Blog (Jan)
  • We changed a new car. (Jan-Feb)
  • Denver passed NASSA Bronze Swimming Test (Mar)
  • Arrival of my 2nd nephew (Noel Lau) - (May)
  • Family trip to Shantou (Jun)
  • Denver's first extraction of tooth (Jun) 
  • Gladys attending her first art class (Sep) 
  • Mommy suffering from HFMD (Sep)
  • Family suffering from Conjunctivitis (Oct)
  • Denver scoring 1st in class (Nov) 
  • Family trip to Batam (Nov)
  • SAF Chalet (Dec)
  • Our new toys - Playstation Move & Xbox Kinect (Nov-Dec) 
  • Family trip to Melaka and Johor Bahru (Dec)
In the year 2010, we have watched many movies together, took the children around various parts of Singapore (Universal Studio, Museum, Parks, Reservoirs etc), travelled to China and Malaysia and dine at Sakae Sushi almost every other month. (Thanks to the vouchers Mommy won at the Sakae Blogger Affair which has ended). We had a lot of great times together and the children have also progressed and acheived in their studies while enjoying school. Although we were pretty sickly at some moment in time, we have recovered and enjoyed our year-end holidays so far.

Frankly speaking, I am hoping the month of December don't go away so quickly as it also means it is the end of the holidays and time to get back to work and reality.

Nevertheless, wishing Year 2011 will continue to be a Great Year with more Peace, Happiness, Health and Prosperity!


  1. Happy New Year :) All the best!

  2. Happy New Year!
    Great health and happiness to the whole family! =)