Thursday, December 30, 2010

~ Our New Toy - XBox Kinect ~

Recently, we have a new entertainment in the house - Xbox Kinect. Ever since "it" arrives, there have been a couple of changes.

1)  Movement of furnitures. The Kinect set does not requires any controller and lets your body interact with the games directly instead. However, it needs a lot of space. At least 6 feet (1.8m) from the sensor to the player. This is pretty challenging and disadvantage especially for the smaller flats in Singapore.

In order to make space and avoid hitting ourselves, we shifted the direction of our sofa. Tested playing with Kinect Adventures and it works well so far.

2) More "Work Outs". Since some of the Kinect games involve fully body co-ordination and speed, all of us had some form of exercise during play. I only played 2 games in Kinect Adventures and already perspiring and panting heavily. Not to mention experiencing pain in my legs and arms on the following day.

3) Indoor Family time. The games are simple, fun and easy to play. Even Gladys gets the hang of it very fast since there is no usage of controllers. Suitable for parents and children to play together and more family time together.

Apart from the space limitation, the children tends to cross their boundaries during play and hit each other. That is the problem when they get too excited about winning and forget to co-operate!
Denver & Gladys are having a great time with the Kinect but there is another concern that our neighbours staying downstairs may start to lodge a complain on us soon with all the jumping in the house. :p

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