Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Chinese New Year Deco - 2011 ~

In less than a month, we will be ushering the Year of the Rabbit! There are so many pretty Chinese New Year Decorations on sale and I am so tempted to buy all of them. Hahaha.

This year, we saw a couple of Bugs Bunny theme as well as other Bunny designs. I managed to buy some of the paper decorations from Malaysia which is something that I don't find in Singapore. Something special for our home. ^_^

Usually we will spend about $50 on CNY Decos to rejuvenate our home and welcome the Lunar New Year. Bbil even decorate from within his house to the entire corridor of the same floor.

I will probably find some time to tidy up the house this weekend and put up the decos! Can't wait to see how it looks. :)

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