Saturday, January 08, 2011

~ Lion Dance performance @ Northpoint ~

Chinese New Year is around the corner and we are seeing beautiful CNY decorations, delicious goodies on sale and hearing CNY songs around major shopping malls and neighbourhood shops. Earlier today, we were at Northpoint shopping mall to watch a breath-taking Lion Dance performance by an award-winning lion dance troupe (郭氏功夫金龙醒狮团) from Hong Kong.

The performance is scheduled to start at 7pm. But by 630pm, there were already a lot of people at all floors standing by to catch a good view of the show later on. We managed to squeeze through and get a "front row seat". That comes at the expense of waiting for 30mins for the 10minutes lion dance stunts. :)

It was definitely worth the wait. The performance was fabulous and the children were amazed by the various jumps, stands and stunts the lion dance has displayed. Even we were impressed and the award-winning troupe won applaus from the cheering crowd.

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