Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Flu Symptoms are Back! ~

Everytime when it is near the CNY period, I tend to get sick. The weather and spring cleaning activities are big contribution factors to my state of health. My colleagues and friends have be advising me to take more Vitamin C or tonics to improve my immunity. Just as I thought I am on the road to recovery, flu symptoms are back to haunt me again. :( The non-stop sneezing and running nose are irritating and making me tired.

Denver has been feeling sick since yesterday too. He had headaches and then complain of a tummyache and eventually vomited on our way back home from the wake. Since this morning, Hubby also develops flu symptoms and we are planning to bring the children to the doctors tomorrow and stock up some medicine for the CNY.

Wake proceedings will continue tomorrow till Sunday and I'm hoping everyone will be healthy and well.

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