Thursday, January 27, 2011

~ Part time cleaner service for Spring Cleaning ~

Every year I will be in charge of all the cleaning in preparations for CNY. Since December, I have started tidying up the wardrobe, storeroom, drawers etc. and gave away some of our old clothes or toys to the charity. As the date towards CNY draws nearer, I will start to wipe the cabinets, clean the fans, windows and change the bedsheets.

This year, I finally decided to engage a part time house cleaner to assist me with my Spring Cleaning. One of my most "hated" chore is cleaning the windows as it is very tiring and takes up a lot of time. For $50 (4 hours of cleaning service), the house cleaner helped me cleaned all the windows, 4 ceiling fans, toilets, kitchen cabinets, fridge, sink and mop the floor. She was pretty quick and I'm happy to relief most of the chores off my shoulders. Especially so since I am still recovering from a persistent cough and we are busy with the wake proceedings. I may even consider engaging the house cleaner again next year just to pamper myself a little bit.

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