Thursday, February 03, 2011

~ Lunar New Year - Day 1 ~

新年快乐!扬眉兔气!兔年行大运!After dressing the children up, I always love to take pictures with them. It's amazing to see how much they have grown as each year passed.

Gladys is getting prettier and she wore a pretty white flower dress and a pair of flower shoes. So sweet! Mommy also wore a dark coloured flower dress to match. Hahaha. ^_^

Denver is getting taller and smarter with a neater hair style (much better looking compared to his botak hair style when he was younger.)

Our pretty girl and smart looking boys are ready to go visiting to eat and collect angpows!

We went to 2 temples and it was super crowded at 四马路观音庙 as expected. Despite the long queue at both sides of the temple, it did not stop the devotees' determination from going in to make their prayers.   

Compared to the previous years, we have lesser home visitings this time. Just today alone, we only went to 5 houses and 2 temples with a noon break. Typically we could have visited 9-10 places in a day. :) This might be a good news for Hubby as it would mean he has more time to rest after driving for the whole day.

Day 2 continues tomorrow!


  1. Happy CHinese New Year!

  2. Thanks! Happy LUnar New Year to you too!

  3. Happy Rabbit Year 2 you and family :)
    Is that a psp in Denver first pic?