Friday, February 04, 2011

~ Lunar New Year - Day 2 ~

Day 2 of Lunar New Year and we woke up early to go to the temples for prayers. This is a yearly 'tradition' for us to pray for a better year ahead. The children are dressed in Blue today and they looked great!

Our first destination is 韭菜芭城隍庙. We spent some time praying to 太岁and other deities depending on our zodiac.

Next is 洛阳大伯公宫. I wonder if it was due to the incense or the food I have taken for the past 2 days. By the time I reached the temple, I am having a very bad cough and flu. It was so bad that my nose is blocked and I can't even smell a thing. Hence, I didn't went in to pray and waited outside.

We went back home after lunch and I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. Luckily, I recover my scent of smell and was feeling a bit better after taking the medicine.

We go to Hubby's brother's and friend's house for visiting for the night and that pretty much ended our Day 2 of CNY.

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