Saturday, February 05, 2011

~ Lunar New Year - Day 3 ~

As Hubby always said... after CNY eve has past, the CNY holidays just come and go very quickly. We are into Day 3 of Lunar New Year and very soon we have to keep our holiday mood and get back to action mode.

It is a fairly quieter year despite the long weekends. We don't have as many visiting compared to the previous years and today we just spent our day lazing in the house most of the time. Bbil's family dropped by this morning to help us clear some of our CNY goodies and we went over to his place for lunch and dinner.

The only main activity we had this evening was going to the carnival (It's a Great Great World - 大世界) near Sengkang CC which thrilled the kiddos. (

More CNY visiting will continue tomorrow before the we get back to work/school. :)

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