Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~ Headache ~

Earlier last week, I scheduled a late night teleconference with my US counterpart tonight at 1030pm. Why so late?? So that my kids will be sound asleep and I can proceed with my meeting in peace. Looking outside the office window, the sky is turning dark.. Black heavy clouds gathering..hmmmm.. I decided to go home 10 mins earlier today...

The weather is getting crazy.. One minute is super hot... the next minute it's stormy.. it is no longer predictable. I fastened my pace and quick march towards the bus stop.. (about 5-10 mins walk from my office)... drip..drip..drip... the rain drops are getting heavier.. :( Intuition - RUN!! Opps.. Can't dash across the road as I am stopped by the traffic.. Urggghhh.. Rain started to pour and as soon as the traffic turns green, I make a quick dash across the road to the shelter.. Bus Stop!

Managed to catch the bus just on time.. lucky.. The cold air from the air condition on the bus and MRT dried my clothes and hair pretty fast.. But the consequences??? Headache when I got home.. :( With the cool weather, it's really a good time to sleep... I wanted to keep myself awake.. but just couldn't make it.. Fall asleep while cradling Gladys.. Woke up at 10pm!! Drowzy state.. went ahead with the meeting as scheduled.

12am.. can't sleep.. :S Hang clothes (bcos hubby did not help), watch TV, blog, eat, drink... okok.. I know it's sinful to eat at this late hour.. I just want a bite to cheer myself up.. hmmm.. really getting too late.. tomorrow (opps) should be today will be a tiring day..

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