Saturday, October 20, 2007

~ Shoe Cabinet ~

Gladys is growing some more teeth... i think her 6th is coming out.. She really loves to find things to bite... even my hand! :( Slimy saliva.. EEeeeeek! After her 1st birthday, I have not been taking pictures for her. She just got her haircut yesterday.. kinda short and boyish.. Now, really don't look like a girl at all.. :p

We bought a new shoe cabinet last weekend and it was delivered to our house this morning. Threw away 2 of our old shoe cabinets in replacement of this one. Hubby had a feeling that he has not been striking lottery due to the shoe cabinet (one of which was given away by his colleague last year). Let's see if this will bring him luck! :D

Hubby was scheduled to work from 2pm onwards.. if everything goes smoothly it will end at 8pm.. My brother and his girlfriend offered to babysit the kids for me.. feel a bit guilty.. supposed to be their 'pak tor' day. I put the kids to nap at 130pm.. Hubby sms me at 4 plus that his work is almost done and can come home early! Oh dear... seems like a wasted trip for my brother.. So Paiseh! Sorry.. :(

Brother suggested to eat at "Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe". So, we make way to Heartland mall for dinner. I ordered Cheese baked rice with fish fillet ($9.90) and a cup of Ice Milo.. ($2.50).. Not too bad... just that I find the drinks a bit pricy. There are quite a fair bit of variety of food ranging from Chinese, Dim Sum, Western, Toast, Desserts... etc.. Maybe can go there for dessert next time. :p

Hmmmm... feel like making myself a nice cup of ice milo already... hahaha...

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