Saturday, February 02, 2008

~ Brother's Wedding Day! ~

2nd Feb 2008... My eldest brother's wedding day! Denver has been tasked to open the car door for his dear 大舅. We have been reminding him of what to do in case he mess it up. Woke up @ 7am this morning to dress up and we reached my mum's place before 9am. Gladys could not make it as she is having a fever and Hubby could not be present for the ceremony because today crashes with his sign... I hope Brother don't mind their absence. :(

Around 950am.. Owen called and we are ready to go down to await for the Bridal car.. First time I am doing this.. kinda interesting.. I rehersed with Denver on what to do again... First, open the car door. Second, give the oranges to uncle and lastly get ang bao.. Simple :D

The Bridal car drove in and the car horns starts to beeeeep baaaaaahhh to welcome the Bride and Groom :).. Denver did as told and everything went just fine... There were quite a lot of people and of course Brother and Sister-in-law looks GREAT!

Brother sure looks busy but happy.. It is such an important day for him. The usual photo takings and tea ceremony went on... that includes offering to the ancenstor.. I heard from my mum that the roasted pig taste GOOOOD... It definitely looks Yummy and Big to me :p

My Brother and Sister in law.. They are very photogenic.. :D Their smile are so bright and happy... I don't look good on camera when I smile showing my teeth.. It is proven when I took my wedding photos.. The camera man took 2 poses of me when I smile with and without my mouth open.. and obviously the 1st one looks so much better.

After the morning event, we went back home to rest and get ready for the evening banquet at Furama Riverfront Hotel. We all dress up and went to pick my inlaws at 620pm... It was drizzling and there was road accident on our way to the hotel... but we manage to reach there at 7pm.... Denver is most happy to see my second brother.. Owen.. :D He is also on good terms with his girlfriend :) We were seated at Table 19 (next to the red tables). First time I am sitting so near to the stage... The stage looks pretty and I suggested to take some photos.. :)

Helped my brother to take this photo.. Don't they look good too!! :) I wonder when is the wedding bells ringing for them... Then it will also be another Happy Event :D . Mum will also have one load off her mind too... :p Brother also helped us to take a family photo.. One glance at it.. we all look so round.. :D Hhahahaa... But still looks good.. hehe

Guests were coming in slowly... 830pm and still the banquet has not started... getting kinda late. I think it finally started around 845 or 850pm.. The Bride and Groom march in, receiving the blessing from the guests, cut the cake... and this marks the start of the Banquet! I am a hungry mummy.. :p

I like the food... every dish tasted good... especially the Fish and Rice!! Probably the only thing that I don't enjoy is the short beans... abit hard...

The wedding ended smoothly... I bet Brother and Sister in law is tired.. May they have a very good rest.

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