Thursday, April 03, 2008

~ April Fool ~

2 days have passed since April fool... It was a weird day. Suppose to take Sookiat's car at Boonkeng as usual. I was at the train station at 710am.. Crowd was unsually more than the usual.. hence I did not manage to grab a seat... I thought it was ok since I am getting off soon anyway.. Started to read mypaper... Read.. n read.. n read.. hmmm.. the train seems to 'run' non-stop.. I put down the papers and indeed... it keeps on moving and moving..

Soon there is an annoucement saying that there is a technical fault and it will be missing a few stations... Serangoon... Potong Pasir... the MRT starts to slow down at BoonKeng.. I thought I can get off.. however, it zoom past the station. :( it continue to pass Little India, Farrer Park and did not manage to stop at Dhoby Ghaut.. :S Finally, the train stopped at Clark Quay and I am late!! Suppose to meet Sookiat at 740am.. but I am still at Clark Quay at 740.. quickly got off and hoping the train from the other platform will arrive... but it was delayed as well.. *Cry* :( Lucky Sookiat says he will pick me up at Little India instead ... else I will have to return back and work from home instead.. When I alight at Little India, I took a wrong exit.. sighz.. have to run with my heels and finally got on the car.. what a drama.. :(

To add on to the traffic condition, there was an accident where a car flip and caught fire at Jurong Pier area. AYE was very jam. Lucky Norman IM to alert us and Sookiat took PIE instead. (For awhile, I thought it was an April Fool Joke.. :p) Anyway, we were late.. In fact, many of us were late that day.

Oh..What a day!

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