Thursday, April 10, 2008

~ Sleeping Separation ~

Initially we planned to let the kids sleep in their own room when Gladys is much older (maybe 2 plus or 3). However, naughty Denver has made us change our minds. He has been such a pain lately... not completing his homework, not listening and keep complaining. :S He is always so noisy and keep waking Gladys up. So last week, we finally made him sleep in his room for the first time. Of course, I have to keep him company till he is asleep.. else he will be scared.

We knew he did not feel comfortable and eventually will sneak back to the master bedroom... so we left the doors open. On the first night, he wake up and walked back to our room after it passed midnight. On the 2nd night, we saw him coming in at 6am and on the 3rd, I suspect it was 4am... subsequently, he will come in everynight which I lost count of the time.

Well, it's a start, and now he is accustom to his room... In order to let him have a better night rest, we bought a night lamp, a single size mattress from Seahorse and bedsheets. Lately, the weather has been rather hot and the aircon is switched on every night for a couple of hours. Denver is now able to sleep comfortably... (with me around that is)... I must admit it will take more time for him to stop climbing back to our bed in the night. We shall see... Hopefully when Gladys is old enough, Denver can look after his little sister and both of them can sleep well in their rooms. It has been 4 years since we removed our bedframe and sharing bed with the children... Let's see when Daddy and Mummy can have the bed to our own once again...

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