Saturday, April 12, 2008

~ Dinner @ Swa Garden ~

Yesterday, Hubby's colleague, Genevieve treated a group of us for dinner to celebrate her birthday. She recommended "SWA Garden" located at 540 MacPherson Road. As I entered, we were greeted by the waitress, the resturant is rather old, but simple and serving traditional Teochew dishes.

Traffic has heavy and Genevieve was caught in a heavy jam... We were there early with Sengleng, Chunho and his family. While waiting, the waitress served us water and tea.. they were rather efficient and warmth... Nothing much to complain about the service there.

Dinner finally started when all of us arrived. :) Food was served rather fast.. The first dish was Crab... unlike the usual crab that I eat, this dish is cold.. on top of that, it was meaty and there is a lot of 蟹糕。Yummy... Denver love chilli crab but he doesn't seems to like it though. Subsequently, we had braised goose with beancurd underneath, vege, salad prawn, roasted pig, char kway tiao, chicken, toufu ....

I like the Roasted Pig and Salad prawn most.. The roasted pig's skin was crispy and the meat was warm.. Delicious! Salad prawn was crispy on the outside and the prawn was fresh.. Apparently, the signature dish was the Teochew version of Char Kway Tiao.. It is much drier than the kway tiao we used to eat. Less sauce and the noodles feeling more rubbery.. But it was good and something different. Hubby and his colleague also brought wine.. and we had a few glasses... I personally had 2 full glass and started to feel giddy..

The desert was Yam paste and it has Pumpkin inside... it was really nice and I finished the whole bowl... :D The final bill came to be about $390!!. Woow.... After a heavy dinner and wine, I raised the white flag when I reached home.. Totally knocked out and slept through the night..

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