Sunday, June 06, 2010

~ KFC - 六一亲子餐 ~

When we were in Shantou, I was very impressed by the promotional toy launched by KFC in celebration of 1 June Children's Day.

"买六一亲子餐 得超值立体书" - 买"六一亲子餐"即可得到KFC六一特别礼物 - 超值立体游戏书《六一游乐园》。"六一亲子餐" include - 1个新奥尔良烤鸡腿堡 + 6块上校鸡块 + 1份薯条(中) + 1只葡式蛋挞 + 1杯可乐(小) + 1杯美年达(小)+ 一本立体游戏书 = 52元. (~$10.8 SGD)

It is a booklet which opens up to a 3-D board-game. (Like snake-ladder). The booklet is nicely made with a spinning wheel attached to it (instead of dice), up to 4 players and everything can be kept inside the booklet after play. One of the best toy I ever seen from KFC so far. I wonder if KFC Singapore can also consider giving such toys for our October 1st Children's Day too. :) It's definitely more fun and the whole family can enjoy.

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